Transforming Human Consciousness from the Spirit within.

Our courses provide a gentle, innovative and experiential training through which you will be a living expression of Harmony, Grace and Peace.

Through our curriculum you will have a dynamic capacity to access and implement Inner Wisdom.

Our training inspires a profound and abiding appreciation for knowing and feeling we are all One.

We are committed to humanity honoring and embracing all of Life as sacred.

Zoetic Workshops was founded in 2000, after Liora, with the assistance of a colleague, created Zoetic Meditation©. It was rolled out to a test audience of over a dozen enthusiastic friends. The response was universally positive, with many experiencing a truly transformational experience.

Over the following year, Meditation was refined and new material was generated, leading to the roll-out of Zoetic Expansion© in the summer of 2001. Again, a core group of family and friends were used as guinea pigs, with profound results.

The rest, shall we say, is history. The core curriculum consists of four courses: Zoetic Meditation, Zoetic Expansion, Zoetic Completion©, and a brand new course--Zoetic Integration©. In addition, other courses are sponsored by Zoetic Workshops, including Multi-Dimensional Transformation©, Zoetic Reiki©, and Zoetic Tantra©.

Liora continues to channel new material on an ongoing basis, and provides personal and business coaching for those desiring it. She lives with her husband (Greg), and their four children, in Owings Mills, MD.

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