Welcome to Zoetic Workshops


                                      Welcome to This Moment...Welcome to This Breath...Welcome to Now.

                                                              Zoetic Workshops is an enlightened space of

                                                           Incredible Joy in our harmony together

                                                                              Incredible Gratitude in experiencing each other

                                                                                                 Incredible Humbleness in the simple nature of BE-ing.

Inspired by our core meditation curriculum, SO MANY people have jumped on board with Zoetic Workshops with the zenith of Heart, Dedication, Commitment and awe-inspiring Love.  These people, working fully from their hearts, souls, minds and bodies access the eternal and bring to you genuine personal growth, authentic transformation, original life-altering techniques, conversations, exercises and ways of thinking that will and do give you the true experience of living a blessed life today.

We work with individuals, communities, corporations and institutions.

Register for a Zoetic Workshop and step into your life today!


Upcoming Courses

The next Core Curriculum course is Zoetic Meditation, January 6-8, 2017, in Baltimore.  There are no prerequisites for this course.

To register for this, or any other courses, go here.