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    EN-US … more

  • Love Has No Labels...

    My heart is so full on this incredibly quiet day.

    The snow has been falling for hours - of the course, north of us the snowfall is always more intense than here outside Baltimore.  But we have … more

  • Being The Beloved You Are

    We all have people in our lives whom we exclude, shove out, prod off and push away.

    Look into your life, your heart, your heart of hearts, and identify for yourself those people, those individuals … more

  • Love In Love Out

    I notice that as we grow, as we take on big things, we tend to shoot ourselves in the foot. Do you know anyone like that?

    What you are about to read was channeled multi-layered homework. Our … more

  • Gratefuls - February 1, 2014

    I am so deeply grateful for...

    1. Meditating this morning. Grounded and centered.

    2. Steak for dinner last night.

    3. Clean up going so quickly with Greg, Alee & Linda helping - wow! Superspeed! … more

  • Gratefuls - January 29, 2014

    It's been a few weeks. Over the top resistance on my part to posting every day. Amazing. Feel like I'm coming through the cobwebs!

    1.  Daddy picking up lunch meats and sweets for our household … more

  • Discipline

    My husband, Greg, tells me I really need to get into the habit of writing a blog post every. single. day.  Hmmm....where have I heard that before?

    I've gotta ask myself - what am I resisting? … more

  • Gratefuls - January 7, 2014

    1. Getting the kids to school on time today! Yay!

    2. Having such a warm and cozy home…Especially in this heat - LOL!

    3. Knowing that the channellings that come through are pertinent to … more

  • Scared, Frightened and....Scared!

    Saturday night I met this really neat gal at the holiday party for the company where my husband, Greg, works.  Her name is Amy.  She edits blog posts for the company. And she has her own … more

  • Grateful

    1.  Lunch with Marm, Rab, Yigal and Miriam.

    2.  Miriam telling me what was in her heart.

    3.  Getting almost everything we need for tomorrow's party.

    4.  Greg going shopping … more

  • Gratefuls

    Okay, here it is, folks. Thanks to my friend, Gail Kurek, I write at least 10 Gratefuls almost daily. Big things. Little things.  Sometimes I have to look. Sometimes it's right there in front of … more

  • Gratitude

    My friend, Gail Kurek, has been writing what she calls her "Gratefuls List" almost every single day for almost 10 years. Maybe more.  She sends them out to a group of friends and family daily by … more

  • Welcome!


    Welcome to This Moment.

    Welcome to This Moment Now.

    Welcome to This Moment Here.

    Welcome to This Breath.


    It is with incredible Joy in BE-ing together, incredible Gratitude in … more

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